Monday, December 24, 2012

Have yourself a little Merry Christmas!



I create this fun bokeh images using my iPhone. It's easy peesy.
All you have to do is pointing your camera at the object as you are taking a regular photo. Then point your fingers up in front of your view finder. Click on the screen of your iPhone and let it focus on your fingers. Then quickly remove your fingers and take a photo. Try it. It's really fun. :)
今天在玩我的手機,發現iPhone也可以拍出美麗的聖誕燈散景。我是用iPhone 5.但是我想只要是能用觸控式螢幕來focus的手機都可以。 拿出手機然後對準object,就像要拍照那樣。然後用手指或其他物品放在手機跟聖誕燈的中間。用手機去focus手指或物件,然後快速移動手指並按下快門。妳可以試試看,蠻好玩的。
Merry Christmas to all of you.
Valerie~Love life.

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