Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012.December Daily Day 4

2012.December Daily Day 4

We had a girls day out today. The four of us got together in Concord for a very fun day.

As we were there, I asked my girlfriend to take a photo for me laying down on the leaves.
Three of them were telling jokes and teasing me about it. So I can't help but laughing. :) And It turned out this was my favorite shot of that day. We also went to a very good Sushi Buffet for lunch. That restaurant was really good. I'd love to give them 9 hand rolls of 10 as my review.

今天是開心的一天,我們一共有4個因為手作而認識的好朋友,終於在今年快要結束之前有了這麼一天的聚會.雖然那天沒有很多手作,只有笑話跟聊天.而且我們還去吃了好吃的Sushi buffet. 我給他個手捲的評分. 雖然那天很晚才回家,但是我們都是非常開心的.希望我們能常常有機會聚在一起.


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