Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012. December Daily Day 6

2012. December Daily Day 6

Ever since we set up our tree. I am also excited after dark, so I can plug it in and see the light. One night, while waiting for hubby and doggie to come home. I noticed the lights reflecting on the window. That really makes me feel cozy and happy. Especially, when it gets dark so soon outside.

當我們把聖誕樹裝飾完畢之後,我最喜歡的一天的活動就是,到了晚上把聖誕燈點亮. 有一個晚上我在等老公跟小煤炭回家的時後,無意中看到了聖誕燈在玻璃窗上的倒影,頓時,我感到心裡一股暖意. 尤其是在這的時後,每天都天黑的早,看到聖誕燈就讓人有幸福的感覺.

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