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2012.December Daily Day 5

2012.December Daily Day 5
I love to bake, although I am excellent at it. But I do enjoy preparing for the ingredients and the process of waiting while it's in the oven. Before December, I proposed to a good friend of mine, Anita, who is an expert of baking. That we should pair up for holiday cooking project. She will be baking and I can be making crafts for the pastry and taking photos for us. Anita is excellent in Taiwanese style pastry as well as in Western style. As her close friend, I do have to watch how many time I can visit her. lol

我很喜歡烘焙,我也常常做東西吃.但是我烤的東西難登大雅之堂.我的好朋友Anita, 她則是烘焙達人.舉凡台式的麵包,蛋糕,餅乾等等,甚至西方的馬卡龍,法式麵包也難不倒她.身為她的朋友,我是一隻幸福的白老鼠,一路看著她從自己的興趣慢慢變成可以接單,我佩服她對烘焙的熱情和樂於接受挑戰的個性. 除了烘焙之外,她也一路陪著我走過不少的低潮. 如今能回復樂觀的我,她的功勞不小.
12月之前,我央求她陪我一起作我的December Daily,她負責烤東西,我來負責作手工來裝飾餅乾跟拍照. 很開心終於有機會可以跟Anita合作,也希望我們可以激盪出一些火花.

也歡迎大家造訪Anita的粉絲頁. 去感受一下她對烘焙的執著.流口水我不負責喔.哈哈

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