Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012.Washi Bow

washi bow-1 
While summer is in full swing, many of you might have a lot of parties to go to or host your own. So a way the decorate your goodie bag or gift, even an envelope might become handy. Right?  Today, I'd love to share with you how to make a super easy bow with your fav washi tapes.
First, take your favorite washi tape out and stretch to the idea length on table or any easy to remove surface

washi bow-2
 And fold it in half and stick them together

washi bow-3 

 Make a circular shape, like a big ring

washi bow-4

Use your finger to push it down to give some pressure, so the top and bottom will stay together

washi bow-5

Take a little piece of washi to tape around the bow

washi bow-6 
When done, use a pen to make the bow open nicely

You can even use this super easy Washi bow to decorate a girl's bobby pin, wooden cloth pin and those paper dollies, baker's twine will definately add some fun to it. TFL.

Monday, June 25, 2012

2012. Make your own stickers with Washi Tapes and 3mm Washi tapes

  wax paper 
The 3mm washi tapes from MT are really popular right now. But we don't see a lot of them in the shop. Maybe there's no high demands?
But I'd love to share how you can make your own 3mm Washi tapes and some stickers that was inspired by Studio Calico's The Washi workshop.

washi sticker-1

1. Cut the Wax Paper into 4"X6"

washi sticker-2
2. And tape all your favorite or desire washi onto the Wax paper. Make sure they ar eonto the slippery side of the wax paper.

washi sticker-4

3.  Trim the washi tapes to your desire width or length

washi sticker-6
4. There is your 3mm washi tape, mine is the 0.5" version ^^

washi sticker-3
5. If you use punchs, then you are able to create a ll kind of decorative borders and stickers.

washi sticker-5
6. Make sure you keep those pieces from the punch, they can be used as confetti for cards and layouts, too

Thank you for looking.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012. You RULE card-Washi tape is the key element

You rule card 
This might the most simple card that I've ever made. It's a Father's day card for my fab FIL. Love both my in laws a lot. ^^
Ruler washi tape from Freckled Fawn and both of the Alphabet stickers are from Studio Calico. Both of them are my favs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012.Create your own journaling cards.

Made your own journaling cards
Many of you who comes to visit my blog often may noticed I did scrapbook and project life too. SO I am a big fan of Studio Calico & Hero Arts stamp collections.
They can be used on scrapbooing layputs, handamade cards and of course, project life. They are so easy to use and so versatile for your personal touch.
I created these journaling cards using Becky Higgins's project life core kit, I used my own stamps to design my own journaling cards.
They can be used for photos and writing your own journals. Super fun.
The stamps are from Studio Calico and Hero arts
You can also find them at 2peas or Simon says

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012.Mojo Monday 245.Hello card

Mojo Monday 245
Mojo 245 
紙張&配件: AMERCAN CRAFTS STUDIO Amy tangerine Sketch book
My mind's Eye: Miss Caroline's lucky twine
My mind's Eye: Howdy Doody Lovely Pins and Buttons
紙膠帶: Heart & cloud washi tape
Heart washi tape


2012.Project Life Week 23

Project life Week 23-blog-1 
2012.Project Life Week 23/生活紀錄第23週 No question about it. I am still doing project life and still love it a lot. I did noticed that ever since I started A photo a day and project life at the same time. I am taking way more photos than just 1 a day. I also noticed some of the photos I already took them, but they still look different. The angle, lighting ...etc. Very interesting.

Project life Week 23-blog-2

Monday, June 11, 2012

2012.Project Life Week 22

Project life Week 22-1
Here is my Project life, week 22. Still love it. And wow, time does fly so fast. ^^ Can't believe it's already mid June when I post this and where did the time go?
During week 22, it's our 9th anniversary celebration and Memorial weekend, so we decided to have a little long weekend get away. This time of the year, driving to Reno & Lake Tahoe is so preety and green.
I am grateful that my husband is always so encouraging and postive in our life. I seem to be more postive on my blog, but in reality I do have some challenges and down time. But my best friend is always there for me. Thnak God for that.

Project life Week 22-2