Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012.December Daily Day 3

Ever since we moved to our current home last year. We started to have a real Christmas tree as one of our own family tradition. I just love the smell and the atmosphere with a real tree in the house. We bought different ornaments at different destinations every year on our vacation. Whenever I hang them up, it reminds me every single happy memories from those trip. And I love that. 

Back to the photo, It's always so HARD to post our dog- Shiao Mei Tan(Little Charcoal) in front of the tree. I tried every year, but never find any success. This year, I finally have a friend came over to help me hold the cookie in front of her. And I got this shot. So cute.

從我們去年搬到新家之後,我們就開始了我們的傳統:買真正的聖誕樹. 我很喜歡真正的聖誕樹的味道,


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  1. Great page and lovely photo. Little charcoal is super cute...:)