My published works. 登在雜誌的作品集

 November, 2012 Cards Magazine

December, 2012 Create:  Mini album idea book

February, 2013 Scrapook Trends

 April, 2013 Cards magazine

 June, 2013 Cards magazine

     June, 2013 Create: Mini album idea book

July, 2013 Cards magazine
July, 2013 Cricut magazine

 Creating Keepsakes Magazine July/August issue

 August, 2013 Cards magazine

 August, 2013 Scrapook Trends

(Pending) September, 2013 Scrapook Trends {No. 1 Teacher card}

(Pending) September, 2013 Create: Mini album idea book

  October, 2013 Cricut Magazine

 Mixed Media special issue (Creating Keepsakes)

(Pending) November, 2013 Cricut Magazine (1 Layout)


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  1. Congrats on your pubs! Beautiful use of washi on the card there!