Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012. December Daily Day 8

2012. December Daily Day 8 

We finally took our Elf home. And we gave him a name, Bob.I hope Bob will like to be a part of our family. And report to Santa that we are all being very good. lol If you don't know what this Elf is, please check here.

終於在今天把小精靈帶回家囉.這個小精靈我們還給他取名叫做Bob. 希望他會喜歡我們家,並且告訴聖誕老人說我們都很乖.呵呵

這個小精靈其實是一本叫左Elf on the Shelf的書, 書的內容大約是:這個小精靈是聖誕老人派來的小幫手, 家家戶戶都會有他在幫忙聖誕老人監督小孩乖不乖.然後他就會報告給聖誕老人. 所以我們帶他回家來監督小煤炭.呵呵

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  1. Hi Valerie, this photo is so beautiful. Great December Daily page! :)