Thursday, December 27, 2012

13 things about Project life 2013. 2013年生活記錄的13件事

1. REASON. Find out your reasons. Why you want to start project life? Any particular reasons or any special occasions? Include this list to the album or notebook that you want to use for your project life as a reminder.
2. LIST. List the special occasions throughout the year. Birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations...etc.
3. CAMERA. Start to bring a camera with you. If you have any smart phone that takes good photos, use it anytime and anywhere you can. Those moments you are not paying attention to, can not be reproduce again.
4. REMINDER.Before the end of the day, make a list of things to remind what you did or kid said today.
5. EPHEMERAS. Start collecting small ephemeras ticket stub, kids drawings, boarding passes, notes,...etc and write down when, where with whom in the back. And you can include in your PL later I found those little stuff very meaningful.
6. ENVELOPE. Prepare a medium sized envelope or a page protector in the album. Use this to store the ephemeras you collect.
7. DETAILS. Pay attention to those details like never before. Often times when we are taking photos, we can direct or stage a little bit. But what about those we moments we never pay attention to? Like your children' back when after they say goodbye to you, when children are drawing or writing? ...etc.
8. SOCIAL MEDIA. Take advantage of your Facebook, twitter, Pinterest or any social medias out there you use. Are you always check ins on your FB? You twit anything you find on the Internet? How about to include those timelines in your PL? You will be surprised how much you said or you did.
9. EVENTS. Don't just include big events in your PL. More than likely we will always remember big events during the year. But small details, not always remembered. For example: Grab a cup of coffee with friend?
10. NEW HABIT. Establish a new habit in 2013. Reverse the orders to build your PL pages. You don't need to start with photos in hand. You can start a page with as little or as much as you have. Chances are if you wait to have everything to start, you will never start. Just start a page.
11. YOURSELF. Are you always documenting your children, family or pet? What about yourself? When was the last time you take a photo for yourself? When was the last time you had a girls night out? Your favorite movie? Don't forget to include YOU in your PL.
12.DoNT STOP. If you are late for a few days or even a few weeks. Don't stop. Continue with what you remember or plan? Work on the most recent one and work your way back. This will help to put you back on track.
13. FORMATS. Last but not the least. Whatever format you decide for your PL is all good. A notebook, day planner, Becky Higgins PL line, anything will make your documenting easier or will help you keep up are all good.
Please remember, this supposed to be fun. Not a chore. :p

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1. 找出自己想要開始作生活記錄的原因,列出來之後把它放在生活記錄冊的第一頁。
2. 開始列出自己今年想要記錄的事項。例如:孩子、家人的生日,結婚紀念日...等等
3. 開始養成帶手機或是相機在身邊的習慣。(如果妳是用智慧型手機可以用手機來記錄今天的重點)
4. 開始在一天結束前,用簡單自己易懂的方式記錄今天發生的事情或是重點。
5. 開始收集小東西 例如:票根 餐廳的名片 登機證...等等,然後在這些小東西背面註明時間、地點跟誰。
6. 為自己準備的小東西準備一個相編保護套或是信封,然後把它固定在相冊或是筆記本
7. 開始替自己或家人留意身邊的小細節 。(送孩子出門上學的背影、孩子寫的畫的作品、孩子說的童言童語、自己喜歡的電影、書...等等
8. 善用自己的臉書作記錄。(妳的打卡、動態都可以幫忙自己留記錄)
9. 不要只記大事件。大事件通常難忘,但是小事情容易隨著時間被淡忘。
10. 不要一開始就想一手抓所有想記錄的事或是照片。先把重點記錄下來,照片可以後補。但是若一直等待自己先把照片準備好,也許感覺就不對了,或是忘記了。
11. 常常幫自己拍照或是寫文字記錄給自己。不管好的或是不好的,都誠實面對,但是不需要給別人看,可以打馬賽克。
12. 這是妳自己的記錄,為自己作不為別人。所以就算晚了幾天沒記錄或是一陣子沒記錄都不要放棄,想到或是有時間在開始。
13. 任何的型式或是記錄方式都非常好,重點是要自己能持續下去。

-Valerie~ love lif.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your thoughts! Need to get better about recording the everyday moments. Check out my PL introductory post -- :)