Thursday, January 3, 2013

Decorate your journaling cards for Project Life

Did you remember those grid journaling I pre stamped last year? Today I'd like to share some colorful journaling cards with you.

Are you guys all ready for a brand new round of project life yet? I know I am. And this year is going to be a big and great year.
As the new year just begin a few days ago, I'd love to share some tips on how to make your grid journaling cards prettier.

All you need is some stamp (any one you like), corner rounder, circle punch, border punch pattern paper and any embellishments, such as miscellany, washi tapes...etc.
As you can see in my photos. Use some stamps, washi tapes and embellishments and stickers will definitely help your Journaling cards stands out more.
You can also change based on season, holidays and any special occasion. Aren't those grid journaling cards so versatile?

裝飾的方式就隨意的在格子文字卡上 作裝飾或是蓋蓋樂。這些圖卡除了拿來寫文字記錄之外,或是把相片洗小一點也可以貼上去也是別有一番風味。


Here are some samples for 4X6.
Valerie~Love life.

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  1. Great ideas for these!! I am new to Project Life this year.

    I love that your blog is in English and Chinese :)

    I found you through the message boards in the OLW class.