Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 project life week 2

project life week 2  Page 1

project life week 2 Page2

Having so much fun creating my project life spread as always.
I love, love to capture and document the everyday. In reality, project life helps to remember the details in the life for us in the future. I still enjoy to slip through my 2012 PL album. It seems to me that I did so much that I don't even remember. lol

這是我的第二週生活紀錄. 因為有了第一年的經驗了,所以我在做我的生活紀錄的時後,我加了許多小小細節的創意.例如配件,我利用了木質片,圖卡,和 徽章來結合我的照片跟文字紀錄,給予我的生活紀錄較多活潑的變化. 同時除了延續使用去年的Instagram來拍照之外,我也在印照片之前,用Photoshop改變了照片的顏色跟加上一些文字,好能夠更反應自己當下的心情跟製作標題,因為並不是每一張照片都有文字紀錄的啊. 因為今年開始玩One Little Word, 所以我也會在我的生活紀錄裡面加入一些我在這一年給自己的目標跟想跟自己說的話,例如第二頁左下角,我用字母的木質片拼出了Love life and it will love you back. (熱誠生活,生活愛你) 提醒自己珍惜自己手中擁有的也要努力認真生活.你呢?你有沒有一些想要對自己說的話,下次也可以加進來唷.

In my week 2 spread, I used a lot of wood veneers and I love them. The alphabet wood veneers from Studio Calico is so helpful to create titles and captions for my photos. And the arrow wood chips from Freckled Fawn are great frame and accents. They just make my spread to much fun. I also love the tid bits and journaling cards from Elle's Studio. I love to hoard them and I feel so much comfortable to keep them in my stash. lol

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