Sunday, January 6, 2013

Create your own Memory file/mini album

 Hello all:
Happy Tuesday!! Have you ever seen or used the Heidi Swapp's Memory files? Aren't they just so clever and adorable? Today I'd love to show you how to make your own memory file/mini album. And the photo above is my cover.

哈囉,大家好. 這是前兩天答應大家的Memory file 教學分享,抱歉晚了兩天,因為急著趕快把跟大家交換的PL寄出去,這樣才趕得上你們月中的聚會呀. 上面這張照片是我的封面, Memory file是Heidi Swapp的系列之一. 是利用相辦公室裡面的檔案夾的行事來作相編跟小書.他旗下的Memory file系列非常的可愛.今天來跟大家分享怎麼用你現有的美編紙來作一本.

First, use your scoring tool to score at 5.5'', 6'' and 6.5''.

首先先用摺線版在5.5'' , 6'' 還有6.5''的地方劃下摺線.

Turn your paper to cut at 8''. So your paper will be 12'' wide and 8'' tall.

然後把美編紙轉過來,裁成12'' X ''8的大小,當然尺寸的設定可以自己決定,要大要小看自己.

Then fold them to look like in the photo.
 This will give you some room later when you include more pages.


 Here is my page 1. I cute some paper into 1is 3''wide and 4''. 2 one is 3''X4.25'' and the fourth and fifth one add 0.5'' more. I used my washi tape to secure the papers and I can still flip them later.
這是我的第一頁,由於我是想要放我的日常生活照片,所以我的照片大小不是4X6,因次我在設計我的頁數時,就朝著小照片的形式設計,當然若是只洗4X6照片的你,也可以隨自己的需求來調整頁數的尺寸. 這一頁的左邊我把幾張紙裁成3X4, 3X4.25跟3X4.5,這樣就可以黏貼成瀑布的樣子,可以翻開抗照片或是文字紀錄.

 Here is another look of my page 1.


 I also cut my paper into 12'' X3.5'', then score them 3 times at 4''. I also stapled a ribbon on the side.

然後 我用12''X3.5''的長條行美編紙,用摺線在4''的地方摺3次, 邊邊用一小段緞帶訂起來,

So I can pull it to open them.


 Here is my other page.


And I also use my page protector for my project life and cut them into a smaller size. And include them into my memory file. So I can just stuck my photos or journaling cards into my pocket.

我也把我作PL分格的保護套, 裁成3''X4'' & 4''X6''的保護套放在這裡面,這樣照片跟文字紀錄也可以直接放進來.


Here is my finished memory file. TFL.

希望大家可以照著這麼模式用字己的創意來作一本, 希望能夠看到大家的作品.


  1. Wow, I love the Woodland Park collection. Your memory file looks awesome!