Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Project Life Week 3

2013 Project Life Week 3 Page 1 With report

I tried to include doggie's report from doggie daycare in this page.
I love how they always include comments about their day there. Super cute. lol

 2013 Project Life Week 3 Page 2
Last week, I took doggie up to Villa Montalvo for a hike.
The weather was beautiful and the temperature is pleasant.
Both of us had a great time hiking together. Of course, I got some snap shots too.
Everyday in the afternoon, after hubby is home from work. We love to take doggie for a walk.
She is such a lucky doggie. She used to take one tennis ball home. She found them in the bush next
to the tennis court. And we probably have 80 tennis balls at home now. lol

 2013 Project Life Week 3 Page 1 Without report

And here are some close ups.


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