Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Project life Week 10

 { 2014 Project life Week 10}

Feeling awesome so far as I am working on my 2014 Project life. I am still in between making them up for the last few months of 2013 due to my trip to Taiwan. A lot of fun details. And I am feeling productive with my scrapbooking layouts this year. Yay!

So blessed and grateful yo have Zumba and crafts in my life right now. Zumba makes me extremely happy so as my crafts. And without these I will not have met so many amazing people that I called friends. As long as I live I will always find a way to make myself happy and stay inspired.

My tip: if you are behind, always work on the most recent week as your memory is still fresh.Then work backwards. I use Collect app as a photo reminder. Also you can print out a monthly overview collage. It's helpful. And there's nothing wrong to make a monthly spreads instead of weekly. 

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