Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Silhoutte Tutorial-1:Make your own title

Hello all, do you own a Silhouette cameo? or want to get one? I've been have mine for almost a year now and I love it. I can't scrap without it anymore. Today, I'd love to show you how to use Weld to create a nice and bold typography title for your crafty project.

This is your interface. 這是使用介面的全景.

First, click on the A for type on the left. (首先先選左邊A的字樣,這個就可以打字)

Type what ever you'd love for your title. (Don't worry about sizes or spacing yet. Later we will take care of this.) 打出你想要的文字,中英文都可以.(這時候只需要打字不需要擔心字體的大小跟間格距離),

Then, first click on Align which is on upper row. Second choose Align center.然後按下右上角1(Align) 選項,這個是可以讓你作各種對齊的功能.然後出現之後選取2. Align center (往中間對齊,這個也會自動幫妳調整空間)

Then all your types are spacing evenly. Don't forget to select all. 


After you select all, you can click on Weld on the bottom. This will make your types connect together into one piece.

Before you drag or enlarge your object, don't forget to select all and group them together.


Hope you will like my very first Cameo tutorial. 第一次的卡密歐教學,希望你會喜歡. 


  1. This doesn't connect the letters for me. What font are you using?

    1. Hi Kat:
      May I ask what software you used? As far as I know, the font shouldn't matter for this.