Thursday, March 7, 2013

A few apps that I really love for PL and scrapbooking

Hello Friday, we love you. And I'd love to share some apps I really love and useful for project life & scrapbooking.

哈囉!大家好〜今天是快樂的星期五。所以今天想來跟大家介紹一些實用的好app,這些apps是我們在作Project life跟相編的好幫手。

In this folder, these apps are my must have for capturing daily life.
The first one is of course, Instagram. I just love love love those awesome filters. I probably take more than 10+photos everyday with this thing. It's addicting.

The No. 1 app I used is of course, Instagram. I think if you are a crafter, then you are probably on Instagram. This app is so popular and also addicting. lol

第一個要介紹的是在美國的手作界也很夯的Instagram. 它裡面有非常多不同的濾鏡,可以給你的照片不同的風格跟感覺。


And the second one is Over. This app has a few cute fonts built in, so you can give nice caption for your photo. And it has some filters as well.

This is the interface. Allows you to pick a photo to work with.
第二個要介紹的是: Over.

And here is the sample with the caption. And I quite like the result.

Isn't this lovely? 看看我這張照片是不是馬上加分?嘻嘻

The next one is Instaweather Pro.
This one is so cool, if you are like me who likes to document our local weather and temperature. Then you definitely will love this. You can also use this app on a road trip or vacation destinations.

再來要介紹的Instaweather Pro,台灣也有不少朋友們在用。常常可以看到臉書上打卡的照片附上天氣跟溫度的資訊。這對旅行中或是到一個陌生的地方是非常好的留存記憶方式。也許若干年以後,你會想知道某一年去台南玩的時候到底有沒有下雨啊!

And then, we all have a busy life. Sometimes we tend to forget some little details in our lives. So I use myLife Cal as my planner. I put my reservations and plans in here. And also I log some little details here to reminds myself for journaling ideas.

然後這一個是Mylife Calendar,常常有朋友們問我多久處理一次我的PL.去年由於是第一次作,所以都是隔一到兩週處理照片跟文字記錄。今年我已經有了底所以會當週就先把文字記錄的位置空下來,然後馬上補照片。如果你是屬於很忙碌的生活記錄者,可以善用這樣的行事曆軟體,它可以幫助你記得你的待辦事項,當然也可以用來記錄已經發生過的事情,等到自己有時間記錄時,不至於全部都忘記啊!


If you are doing Project 12 or like to put photo college in your monthly layout. Then I think you might love Collect. This app allows you to choose single photo or multi photos from your photos. And it also have a calendar format. So it becomes handy for photo collage.

Here is my March so far. Later I can post on my Facebook wall or print it out for my monthly layout as part of my Project life.


And this app is my recent addiction: Picfx.
You probably see the photos edited using this app somewhere on the Internet. Does my sample photo look familiar? Like Instagram, this app also provides tons of different filters for your photo. And the one I really love is Light. I was sold and hooked the first time when I used it.


The last but not the least is the Timercam. It's a self timer camera. Perfect for self portrait or group photo.


Like any other camera apps., when you open the app and click on the camera button. The timer will automatically went off and give you 5 seconds before snap the photo. It's a very handy app when I tried to pose my dog and I all together. lol
And I hope you like those apps and they work great for you also.

Valerie~Love life.

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