Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Project Life Week 4 & 5

2013. Project life Week 4-1 /生活紀錄第四週-1

In this spread, I tried to include some embellishments from my stash, such as flair buttons, Washi taps and fabric sticker...etc. Also I got some jounaling cards from our swap all the way from Taiwan. How fun is that. The journaling card on the bottom right is by SbVendor. Super adorable heart shapes with sewing.

 2013. Project life Week 4-2 /生活紀錄第四週-2

I also cut some cute art works from my Silhoutte. The coffee cup is from the Perfect Blend stamp set by Avocado arts. Is it cute or what? Perfect for a coffeeholic like me.

2013. Project life Week 5-1 /生活紀錄第五週-1

In the week spread, I use some stamp brush in Photoshop before I printed my photos. They came out pretty darn adorable. And it's perfect for some photo captions. It's getting warm here in Nor Cal. The other day when I did some photo shoots in our backyard. Doggie followed me and lie down in the sun. What a lovely day together.

2013. Project life Week 5-2 /生活紀錄第五週-2

During week 5, I got an email from CK magazine saying my project is accepted and will be publish with them in the July/August issue. This is like a dream come true to me. Their magazine is the first scrapbooking/crafts magazine I ever subscribed back when I first start  to know about scrapbooking. So this is a super excited news.


  1. Great pages with nice photos and lovely embellishments. Love your beautiful works. TFS. ^_^