Monday, June 25, 2012

2012. Make your own stickers with Washi Tapes and 3mm Washi tapes

  wax paper 
The 3mm washi tapes from MT are really popular right now. But we don't see a lot of them in the shop. Maybe there's no high demands?
But I'd love to share how you can make your own 3mm Washi tapes and some stickers that was inspired by Studio Calico's The Washi workshop.

washi sticker-1

1. Cut the Wax Paper into 4"X6"

washi sticker-2
2. And tape all your favorite or desire washi onto the Wax paper. Make sure they ar eonto the slippery side of the wax paper.

washi sticker-4

3.  Trim the washi tapes to your desire width or length

washi sticker-6
4. There is your 3mm washi tape, mine is the 0.5" version ^^

washi sticker-3
5. If you use punchs, then you are able to create a ll kind of decorative borders and stickers.

washi sticker-5
6. Make sure you keep those pieces from the punch, they can be used as confetti for cards and layouts, too

Thank you for looking.

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